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Customer demand

From district heating to intelligent (woodfired) network

Ede has the ambition of becoming, being and remaining the most sustainable municipality in the Netherlands. With a circular focus on the region. A noble ambition indeed. Warmtebedrijf Ede manages the heating network in Ede and supplies green heat, green steam, green electricity and green cooling to private customers, businesses and institutions. Working together to develop the ideal mix for an affordable, socially responsible and energy-conscious future. That is the challenge.

To achieve this ambition a ‘Smart Grid’ has been developed, in collaboration with the KARA team, which will be rolled out in phases. The first two bio-energy installations in Ede are already in full operation: ‘Bio-energie de Vallei’ is located in Dwarsweg in Ede. ‘Bio-energie Ede’ is located in Geerweg in Ede. In the heart of the Park Reehorst (residential) area, with a multifunctional ‘classroom’ looking out over the installation. There are already plans for the next installation, which the KARA team will start to build in 2018.

“Green heat is the future. From district heating to an intelligent (wood-fuelled) network. Achieving sustainable change, development and innovation by doing! With an eye for the possibilities of today, focusing on tomorrow, and a view to the future.”

The Solution


The installations in Ede are suitable for regionally sourced low-quality, untreated wood biomass. Garden waste or wood chips from forest management (forest & landscape maintenance) with high moisture and sand contents. With additional wood waste. To minimise the C02 emissions, Ede has set itself a target of sourcing a maximum of 30% of the biomass from outside the region. A target it achieves. Especially as residents and businesses are able to take their ‘biomass’ to various drop-off points.

 Biomass supply

Both installations have a single supply solution which conveys the biomass via two scraper chains to two furnaces. The great advantage of this, in terms of capacity, is that both sites can regulate their capacity as required, working with a minimum part load of 25%. At ‘Bio-energie de Vallei’ the biomass is supplied using a walking floor. At ‘Bio-energie Ede’ the biomass supply is controlled via a Hopper. Two sites, two different solutions for optimal return.

Biomass combustion

Combustion is at the heart of the bio-energy concept. For both sites, Warmtenet Ede chose to install an inventive double furnace solution based on a sloping hydraulic moving angled grid with extended time. Gas boiler backup guarantees that Warmtenet Ede can comply with their delivery obligation towards their buyers.

Biomass application

The output of the Warmtenet Ede bio-energy solution for each site is:

  • 15MW heating
  • Hot water (110 °C)
  • 2x 300 kw turbines (electric
  • C02 emission reduction of 85% per household

Exhaust gas cleaning

The key to optimal return is at the tail end of the bio-energy concept. To minimise the environmental impact the exhaust gasses are cleaned. Both Warmtenet Ede installations have systems which clean the exhaust gases by means of electrostatic filters. These comply with the strictest environmental and emission standards. That is very reassuring, especially in a residential area.

The result

A bio-energy solution which:

  • can be implemented in phases;
  • connects the different sites so that they can strengthen and compensate each other;
  • can function as an intelligent network with smart meters;
  • minimises the nuisance to local residents thanks to extra-large storage capacity;
  • stimulates a reduction in C02 emissions; a reduction in C02 emission of 85% per household;
  • supplies residual heat to the Green heating network as extra capacity;
  • can supply sustainable heat to 20,000 households and businesses (2020);
  • heats a public swimming pool in Ede;
  • contributes to the ambition of Ede becoming the most sustainable municipality in the Netherlands.


The first two ‘Smart Grid’ phases and installations are now in operation and contribute to the ambition of the city of Ede to become the most sustainable municipality of the Netherlands. Further fanning the flames is necessary, however. The next phase of the grid will be developed in 2018. A phase the KARA energy systems team will be responsible for. A phase we look forward to and which, once again, will enable us to contribute to a more sustainable Ede.

Interested in the possibilities of our bio-energy solutions for your situation?

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