Optimal return. Now and in the future.

We are KARA Energy Systems. It’s nice to meet you. We believe in the strength & value of bio-energy. As a team we have the ambition to use high-quality technology & development to make a contribution to the energy demand of and optimal return for our customer relations. Now and in the future.

How? By developing high quality technology for and worldwide realisation of bio-energy concepts & solutions, based on biomass combustion. Custom-made, entirely engineered and produced in The Netherlands, delivered turn-key and functioning in accordance with the strictest emission- & environmental requirements. From first idea to first flame. From biomass combustion to energy. From 250kW up to 15MW. In this sense, the KARA team is limitless as well as ground-breaking. This provides energy.

Renewable energy is the future

Renewable energy is the future, from energy demand, independence or sustainability. We guarantee optimal return. At KARA, every solid bio-energy plant starts with a good, well thought out idea. As a family business we develop custom-made bio-energy solutions which are reasonable investments that can be earned back. We do this for, but moreover with our customers. We have since 1910. Worldwide. Full of energy.

Customer’s demand is central

We realise this by putting the bio-energy demand of our customer relations central and we are driven by realising smart bio-energy concepts. We interlink energy, warmth and strength. We do this for industrial & commercial companies, but also for governments or from sawmills to greenhouse horticulture sector. From factory buildings to sports centres. From distilleries to the process industry.

Our approach

It’s not so much what we do, but it is the way we do it, that makes us unique. In terms of approach and technology. With a committed team of professionals and over 100 years of know-how, experience and development under our belts. Custom-made development, complete engineering and production in The Netherlands, turn-key installation and operating in accordance with the strictest emission- & environmental requirements. From the first idea via the first flame to optimal return. That is our strength. Therefore; smart technological thinkers, strong practical doers.

Own know-how centre

Our own KARA know-how centre is always the starting point for the establishment of a successful bio-energy concept. Together we look ahead, map the focus areas and think in opportunities. From biomass to energy, warmth & power. For the short term as well as for the future. That is what gives us energy. Does this apply to you as well? Then do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors. We will be happy to share our know-how, experience & development.

Kenniscentrum | KARA Energy Systems

Interested in the possibilities of our bio-energy solutions for your situation?

We like to share our knowledge and experience concerning bio-energy solutions with you. Together we make the world a bit more sustainable! Please contact us to plan an appointment with our team of specialists.