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Customer need

Independent of fossil fuel

Murray Timber Group wants to be appealing to the entire chain. From forest holders to consumers. The ambition? To deliver high quality wood products at competitive prices and, as such, respond to customers’ needs. For this reason the state-of-the-art drying chambers of BES Bollmann (a partner organisation of KARA Energy Systems) are used. In order to optimally benefit from these drying chambers, Murray wanted to use the waste wood from its own process to heat rooms and dry their wood. This makes Murray independent of fossil fuels, being able to work cost-efficient concerning the core business.

“From now on our state-of-the-art drying chambers are heated by use of a KARA bio-energy installation. This way sustainability, independence and cost-efficiency are conveniently combined, in relation to the core business.”

The solution for Murray


A sawmill of this size produces different types of waste, from their own processes, that can be used as a fuel for the combustion in the bio-energy installation. From bark to chips. And from sawdust to wood shavings. They have one thing in common, they are all extremely moist biomass. In the Murray case, up to 58%.

 Biomass supply

The biomass, generated during the production process is transported by use of a shovel and stored in an intermediate bunker. From this bunker, the biomass automatically goes to the combustion chamber. It is rather unique that during this automatic transport the biomass is first directed across a star screen and then goes towards the walking floor and combustion chamber via a bucket elevator.

By placing a star screen, the pieces of waste wood that are too large, are separated from the other biomass. Pieces of wood in excess of 30 cm do not fit in this bio-energy solution and are shredded after filtering, to be subsequently used as biomass after all.

Biomass combustion

The combustion of this extremely wet biomass (up to 58%) is carried out by use of a hydraulic angled grid with extended retention time for complete combustion. This is very suitable for wet biomass with a high scraping, ashes and sand percentage, as is the case at Murray’s. This solution guarantees an as low as possible emission and optimal return.

Biomass application

The output of the bio-energy solution at the Murray Timber Group is:

  • 8MW installation
  • Hot water (110 degrees Celsius)
  • 8.000 full-load hours per annum for heating of the 12 drying chambers at the plant

Exhaust gas cleaning

In order to dispose of the fumes and guarantee minimum emission, a multi-cyclone filter was chosen for the purpose of exhaust gas cleaning. This way we meet the strictest environmental standards in Ireland as well.

The result

A bio-energy solution that:

  • helps to manage the waste flows and convert them to cost savings concerning the core business
  • is optimally integrated in the production process and makes a useful contribution to the core business
  • can burn extremely moist biomass
  • generates hot water at 110 °C to heat the 12 drying chambers at the plant
  • has only 1 to 2 controlled stops per annum
  • helps Murray to be less dependent on fossil fuels, in terms of both availability and energy costs
  • contributes to the MVO-ambition of Murray Timber Group

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