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HEBO Kozijnen

Manufacturer of frames, doors and sliding doors

The Netherlands

Customer need

Replace, but especially improve

HEBO Kozijnen was looking for a party, able to replace the present bio-energy installation; to start with. Yet the people behind the HEBO company did not just want replacement, but improvement in particular, using today’s innovations and technical knowledge & possibilities. A modern combustion process, easy to operate, requiring less maintenance and more operating hours.

“From production waste to fuel for the production process. Not only is this cost-efficient, but it also provides the opportunity of becoming less dependent on fossil fuels, in terms of availability and costs. Absolutely worthwhile. Also for a company of our size.”

The solution for HEBO


In terms of biomass, HEBO is self-sufficient. The residual waste, released during the production process, forms the fuel for the generation of own sustainable energy. It is extracted from the production line, mainly consisting of wood shavings and sawdust. This is called extremely dry biomass.

 Biomass supply

The production waste of HEBO is extracted and stored in large storage bunkers, providing the company with the opportunity to collect the waste during the summer and use it during winter. Supply of the biomass from the storage bunker towards the combustion chamber is done automatically, as well as in doses, by use of a scraper chain.

Biomass combustion

Once entering the combustion chamber, the biomass is combusted completely, using a hydraulically actuated grid with automatic degassing. This combustion chamber is also equipped with a water pipe cooling screen. HEBO has positioned this inside the wall of the combustion chamber. This solution provides extra safety during the use of very dry biomass and also ensures a longer life span of the walls of the combustion chamber.

Biomass application

The output of the bio-energy solution at HEBO Kozijnen is:

  • 850 kW installation
  • Hot water (110 degrees Celsius)

Exhaust gas cleaning

In order to entirely complete this bio-energy concept and make it meet the strictest emission & environmental possibilities, an electrostatic filter was chosen with regard to exhaust gas cleaning. This filter is excellently suitable for all biomass fuels, has a low energy consumption, little resistance and limited exploitation costs.

The result

A bio-energy solution that:

  • Is optimally integrated in the production process
  • Generates hot water at 110 °C to facilitate the production and to heat offices
  • Realises proportional heating of HEBO’s spray cabins, to safeguard the quality of the varnishing process
  • Has only 1 to 2 controlled stops per annum. A significant improvement compared to the previous bio-energy solution
  • Helps HEBO to save on disposal costs
  • Helps HEBO to be less dependent on fossil fuels, with regard to availability and energy costs
  • Contributes to the HEBO’s CSR-ambition
  • Has delivered an attractive subsidy contribution

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