Exhaust gas cleaning

Filter the emission- and environmental possibilities

The result is in the tail

Optimal result is at the end of the bio-energy concept. In order not to harm the environment, or as little as possible, the fumes are cleaned. KARA Energy Systems has various solutions for the filtering of fumes that are released during the combustion of biomass.

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Exhaust gas cleaning installation 

Solutions for exhaust gas cleaning

  • Dust reduction
  • NOX reduction
  • Smoke ventilation system
  • Flue gas duct
  • Flue

Worldwide partner

Whatever your situation, we can meet the strictest emission- & environmental requirements. In this area, KARA is an absolute global player, particularly because nowadays not only the emission of combustion installation is monitored, but especially the way the emissions are created. The excipients used play an important role here. This is an area of interest.

We know the ins and outs concerning environmental requirements

We know the ins & outs concerning environmental requirements and in terms of emission of the different types of biomass in The Netherlands, the EU and several other countries. For the latter we can rely on a strong and diverse network. Not just another network, but a network of specialists in different countries. Together we always achieve the best customisation solution and therefore we can support you with regard to input supply for possible subsidies regarding sustainable energy.

Interested in exhaust gas cleaning for your situation?

We like to share our knowledge and experience concerning bio-energy solutions in general and exhaust gas cleaning in particular. Please contact us to plan an appointment with our specialists.