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Green energy by biomass combustion

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Emsflower Biopower

Nursery for flowerbed- & pot plants and vegetables


Customer needs

Environmental friendly production

Emsflower is located in Germany and is one of the largest nurseries in Europe. A nursery that aims to be a market leader. Emsflower wanted to give more attention to increased eco-friendly manufacturing of its products, throughout the chain. Generating energy themselves, being less dependent on fossil fuels, and saving costs were high on the sustainability agenda.

“BioPower by Emsflower. A breeding ground for linking heat, power and climate quality for plants. High-tech, cost-efficient and sustainable. That is a powerful result.”

The solution for Emsflower


Pruned cuttings, wood shreds and other low-value & untreated biomass deriving from landscape maintenance. This type of biomass contains high degrees of moisture and sand.

 Biomass supply

In order to transport the biomass toward the combustion chamber, a solution was developed, based on walking floors. This way, the biomass is delivered to the combustion chamber via an automatic feeding system. Optimal return is not only determined by the combustion itself, but it’s the entire chain that is responsible for Emsflower’s success. Supply of the biomass plays an important role.

Biomass combustion

The key to the bio-energy concept is combustion. A combustion chamber solution was chosen for Emsflower, based on a hydraulically actuated angled grid with extended retention time. It is a solid solution for the fumes and, therewith, also complete combustion of different types of (low-value) biomass is guaranteed.

Biomass application

The output of the bio-energy solution at Emsflower Germany is:

  • 8MW heating
  • 1MWe electrical
  • 18 bar steam (90 degrees Celsius)

Exhaust gas cleaning

Optimal return is at the end of the bio-energy concept. In order not to harm the environment, or as little as possible, the fumes are cleaned. Emsflower chose an exhaust gas cleaning system that makes use of an electrostatic filter.

The result

A (CHP) bio-energy solution that:

  • Is capable of storing the residual heat in tanks, via a Siemens turbine
  • Can heat up to 60 ha of nursery greenhouses
  • Generates green energy for 2,000 households
  • Contributes to Emsflower ambitions in the area of independence and sustainability
  • Has resulted in an attractive subsidy contribution
  • Was visited by Chancellor Angela Merkel, as an example project for her Energy Journey


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