Desired biomass

Biomass as a fuel

Freedom of choice in biomass

Do you opt for a KARA bio-energy solution? Then you opt for high quality technology, optimal return and a crack team of professionals. But also you go for freedom of choice in terms of biomass. Our roots are in biomass, based on wood or wood related products. Dry or wet biomass (with a moisture content up to 58%) is the fuel for our installations to start up the bio-energy combustion process.

Combustion with a moisture content until 58%
Biomassa | KARA Energy Systems
Garden waste
Biomassa | KARA Energy Systems
Wood waste
Biomassa | KARA Energy Systems
Wood chips
Biomassa zaagsel | KARA Energy Systems
Biomassa | KARA Energy Systems
Wood pellets
Biomassa | KARA Energy Systems
Wood shred
But there are more options

But there are also other eco-friendly or sustainable energy sources available to be used as a fuel. What about combustion of straw or reed? We know the ins and outs. Do you want to brainstorm about this? Then contact our KARA team.

Interested in biomass as a fuel?

We like to share our knowledge and experience concerning bio-energy solutions in general and biomass as a fuel in particular. Please contact us to plan an appointment with our specialists