Biomass combustion

Keep the fire burning

Smart solutions for biomass combustion

The combustion installation is the heart of the bio-energy installations and the key to efficiency. Our specialism? Combustion of the biomass, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Even with a moisture content up to 58%. From 250 kW up to 15 MW. From the first idea to the first flame.

Custom-made concerning the strictest emission and environmental requirements

Always custom-made, entirely engineered and produced in The Netherlands, turn-key delivered and functioning in accordance with the strictest emission & environmental requirements. Here, we are limitless as well as ground-breaking. That is why we, at KARA, can fulfil our promise of optimal return. For this reason we have a wide range in terms of:

Biomassa vuurhaard | KARA Energy Systems
KARA ketel | KARA Energy Systems
Rooster | KARA Energy Systems
Astransport | KARA Energy Systems
Transport of ashes
Optimal return. How?

Do you want to know whether your situation is suitable for bio-energy combustion? Or which logistic option best fits with your wishes and situation? We will be happy to summarise the possibilities for you. Feel free to contact one of our specialists.

Interested in biomass combustion?

We like to share our knowledge and experience concerning bio-energy solutions in general and biomass combustion in particular. Please contact us to plan an appointment with our specialists.