Bio-energy output

Bio-energy as an energy source for efficiency

Widespread applications

From biomass to energy and optimal return & various applications. Energy demand, independence or sustainable enterprising, whatever your cause, KARA Energy Systems offers you an energy source for:

bio-energie warm water | KARA Energy Systems
Warm water
Bio-energie stoom | KARA Energy Systems
bio-energie thermische olie | KARA Energy Systems
Thermal oil
bio-energie elektriciteit | KARA Energy Systems
But how do we apply this in practice?

We often get that question. Of course we gladly share our know-how and experience in a personal meeting with you, but we would also like to show you a number of bio-energy plants we realised and which are up and running.

Since 1910, the KARA team has been dealing with the following practical applications.

  • Heating buildings
    For instance factory buildings, swimming pools or greenhouses.
  • Heating drying chambers
  • Steam for process heating
  • Generation of electricity
    For personal use or sales to the utility grid
  • District heating
Bio-energy solutions for the heating of drying chambers

Do you want to know more about bio-energy solutions for the heating of drying chambers for wood? We can show you. We would like to refer you to our sister company BES Bollmann. They are absolute specialists in the field of development and realisation of high quality drying chambers.
Check or call the team at +31(0)546 -876530.

Do you want to make an appointment together with KARA and the BES Bollmann specialists?
We will gladly organise it.

Bes Bollmann

Interested in bio-energy applications for your situation?

We like to share our knowledge and experience concerning bio-energy solutions in general and bio-energy applications in particular. Please contact us to plan an appointment with our specialists.