Full of energy since 1910

We are KARA Energy Systems. We believe in the strength & value of bio-energy. As a team, we have the ambition to use high-quality technology & development to make a contribution to the energy need of and optimal return for our customers. Custom-made. From the first idea to the first flame. From biomass combustion towards energy. From 250 kW to 15 MW. In this sense, the KARA team is limitless as well as ground-breaking. How?

In practice

Emsflower KARA Energy Systems
Green energy by biomass combustion

Emsflower is located in Germany and is one of the largest nurseries in Europe. A nursery that aims to be a market leader.
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Hebo kozijnen KARA Energy Systems
Hebo kozijnen | KARA Energy Systems
Replace, but especially improve

HEBO Kozijnen was looking for a party, able to replace the present bio-energy installation; to start with.
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Murray | KARA Energy Systems
Murray Timber Group | KARA Energy Systems
Independent of fossil fuel

Murray Timber Group wants to be appealing to the entire chain. From forest holders to consumers. The ambition?
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Let us inspire you

  • Heating buildings
    For instance factory buildings, swimming pools or greenhouses.
  • Heating drying chambers
  • Steam for process heating
  • Generation of electricity
    for personal use of sales to the utility grid
  • District heating
Do you want to know whether bio-energy combustion is an option for you? Or do you need more inspiration?

This is certainly feasible due to plenty of opportunities. Feel free to contact one of our advisors without obligation. Call +31 (0)546 – 876580 or send an email to kara@kara.nl.

Project movie of “Bio-Energy the Vallei”

Our strength

  • Proud family business with over 100 years of know-how & experience
  • Custom-made bio-energy solutions
  • Top quality installations, entirely engineered and produced in The Netherlands
  • Best possible return guarantee
  • Smart technological thinkers, strong practical doers
Groen | KARA Energy Systems